The aim of LDS Kindle Books is two-fold:

The aim of LDS Kindle Books is two-fold:
  1. Provide free LDS books to Kindle owners

  2. Alert Kindle owners about new LDS books available in Kindle format.

The types of FREE publications include Gospel resources published by in Kindle compatible formats, LDS General Conference talks, and LDS books which are free from copyright.

Linked books generally include publications from Deseret Book released for the Kindle or books by LDS authors produced by other publishers.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Who's Your Hero series by David Bowman

I recently learned about the Who's Your Hero series by David Bowman.  The series has been selling at crazy prices and I've been wondering why they are no longer in print.  Today I found a partial answer and look forward to seeing more in the future!

This is from David Bowman's Facebook page:

To make a long story short...yes WYH is TEMPORARILY out of print, but the books WILL be back around April gen conf of 2014--- and they will be new and improved, repackaging the 6 books into just two books, adding some new heros, and other things. AND... I have a WYH for GIRLS book in the works to come out sometime after that (with Eve, Rebeccah, Esther, and others). Thanks so much for you support!! PAss the word along. 
Here are a few of his books currently in print:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Maxwell Institute (formerly FARMS) Publications on Kindle

Some friends recently recommended "Lehi in the Desert" and I wanted to read it, but it's not available for Kindle.  

I spent some time researching my options and lo and behold, I found it on the Maxwell Institute (formerly FARMS) website in full glory.  

Lehi in the Desert

Wow, that opens up some options!

And then I Instapapered sections 4-9 and followed the Wired tricks.  Now when I open it on Kindle, Instapaper created some sweet layout and I can read all those chapters on my Kindle for free!

By the way, the book is great - I loved reading Hugh Nibley's scholarly insights into the culture of the people in the time of Lehi.  The second book, The World of the Jaredites is also very interesting.  Unfortunately the third book was pretty dry, but there was a great section on the Book of Abraham that was worth reading.

LDS Quotes

A while back I purchased the LDS Quotes App from Deseret Book and have enjoyed reading a daily quote as a way to learn about new books.

I recently discovered that a similar feature is available through the Fridge Quotes section of

I have not purchased a book as a result of reading the daily quotes, but I was definitely tempted to purchase Drawing out the Dragons - there are some great quotes listed in the app.  I peeked at Amazon today and with 38 5-star reviews, maybe there is something to it!


How Will You Measure Your Life?

Last year I was invited to read How Will You Measure Your Life? as part of a workshop I was attending at work.

The author provides an insightful perspective as a Harvard Business School professor observing the impact of choices made by his former classmates and his past and present students.

This is a great book to assess how the choices we make today will impact our careers, relationships and integrity.


The Power of Everyday Missionaries

I just finished reading Clayton Christensen's new book The Power of Everyday Missionaries.

This is a quick read, and it contains some practical approaches for sharing the gospel in less-awkward ways.

I personally liked his definition of success in missionary work - our main task is to invite.  If we invite and others decline our invitations, we have still been successful.

Now if you want to invite AND see people join (or come back to) the church, the author adds many inspirational stories to illustrate the concepts.