The aim of LDS Kindle Books is two-fold:

The aim of LDS Kindle Books is two-fold:
  1. Provide free LDS books to Kindle owners

  2. Alert Kindle owners about new LDS books available in Kindle format.

The types of FREE publications include Gospel resources published by in Kindle compatible formats, LDS General Conference talks, and LDS books which are free from copyright.

Linked books generally include publications from Deseret Book released for the Kindle or books by LDS authors produced by other publishers.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Free LDS Books available for Kindle

With new technology, comes new formats. My initial thought with the Kindle was "I don't want to buy ALL my books from Amazon."

Fortunately, I don't have to.

The Church has many ebooks available for download, but there is not a format labeled "Kindle." Fear not, the Kindle accepts "mobipocket" documents.

The following list can be found at

Scripture Study Materials
Standard Works Manuals
Our Heritage
Preparing for Exaltation
Presidents of the Church

The Family
The Living Christ

Gospel Reference
Gospel Principles
True to the Faith
Teaching No Greater Call
Aaronic Priesthood Manuals
Primary Manuals

Church Hymns
Children's Songbook

General Conference

Church Magazines

Teachings of the Presidents of the Church


DeannaB said...

I haven't been able to find any instructions on how to download lds content to my Kindle from I use Kindle for PC right now, until I actually get my physical Kindle and I can only find how to access content from Amazon. Any suggestions. Thank you, Deanna

Jason said...
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D said...

With the changes to it looks like the links above no longer work. It's disappointing because I have a Kindle 3 and would like to find the Ensign in a .mobi or .azw format (heck, I'd even take .epub and convert it with Calibre) to read it rather than trying to read the PDF on the Kindle since it ends up being too small in PDF format and the zoom feature is rather slow and awkward to use.

Any idea where the handheld friendly formats went?

Jason said...

Update:Link problems have been fixed. Thank you for the note!

Mom's Blog said...

I have a MacBook. I do not think mobipocket is recognized by it. Is that true?

Jason said...


Thanks for the question - I initially thought that this was not possible, but I just learned that mobipocket will work on Kindle for Mac on your MacBook.

See the new post for instructions:


Prepress said...

you still can go to the,18495,344-1-81-1,00.html#TeachingsofPresidentsoftheChurch

Anonymous said...

You may have noticed that the Mobipocket page is no longer updated by the church. I use the MSReader files and convert them using Calibre since they still publish updates to the church magazines and conference in MSReader format.

I created a post about it here.

Jason said...

Drew's comment led to the availability of the April 2011 General Conference. Thanks Drew!

imgatorgirl said...

I must be doing something wrong because I couldn't download to my Kindle. Help!!

Jason said...

If you are having trouble putting the Kindle compatible files on your Kindle, you can follow the instructions posted here:

There are several file types that work with Kindle - .mobi, .prc and .azw. In addition, other formats like .pdf and .doc may work on your Kindle.

I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I want to invest in the kindle fire but it spears it isn't very compatable to church books I read about 5-8 books a month my library is over the stop any advise do I just ipad?

Jason said...

The ipad is a Kindle competitor, but both devices can have access to the Deseret Bookshelf. Both devices also have access to Amazon's Kindle library.

I consider the Kindle Fire a better choice for a reader because it is less expensive and it provides additional perks for Prime members.

Isaac Godfrey said...

The site provided was made in an era for PDA's!!!!!
It's and Archive for crying out loud.
Made my own solution at: