The aim of LDS Kindle Books is two-fold:

The aim of LDS Kindle Books is two-fold:
  1. Provide free LDS books to Kindle owners

  2. Alert Kindle owners about new LDS books available in Kindle format.

The types of FREE publications include Gospel resources published by in Kindle compatible formats, LDS General Conference talks, and LDS books which are free from copyright.

Linked books generally include publications from Deseret Book released for the Kindle or books by LDS authors produced by other publishers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

General Conference October 2011

We have our first option for General Conference on the Kindle!

Thank you Jeff for bringing this to our attention:

There's a gentleman with a blog who has already created an Amazon (.azw) version of October 2011 General Conference:

I'll plan to update this post with additional options in the coming weeks.

Update: The church has now posted an epub version of October 2011 General Conference

For instructions on converting an epub to Kindle, see this link.

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Anonymous said...

I created a Kindle version of 2012 October conference that anyone is welcome to use. I created it from the html versions of the talks on

Here's the link: